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CMPC is cut from a different mold.

Outstanding performance and personal service are molded into our company DNA. Our commitment is to be responsive to you and to see that your project delivers on time, meeting or exceeding your specs, at the lowest possible cost. We stand behind our industrial custom-molded rubber products with an unconditional guarantee on specs and workmanship. CMPC is one of the most diversified and respected molded rubber products manufacturers in the country.

Our guarantee

We are particular about our rubber molded products, so we devote the time, effort, and care to make sure we meet your exact specifications and that each part that leaves our manufacturing facility is free of defects and of the highest caliber workmanship — WE GUARANTEE IT.

Learn more about how CMPC can partner with your team to provide you with custom molded rubber products, expert advice, and outstanding service, locally or nationally.

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